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Meet Our Instructors!

The Body Lab team is made up of talented instructors who all specialize in various forms of health and wellness. Get to know them a little better!

Meet Willa!

Willa became a Pilates instructor after being a loyal Body Lab client for two years. She originally started doing Pilates as a low-impact workout to strengthen her body because she was suffering from lower back pain from an injury sustained in college. Before doing Pilates, she struggled to keep up with her love of fitness because of her injury, but after taking six months of classes, her back pain went away! She credits Pilates with giving her back her life, attaining her fitness goals and being able to be active with her kids.

Willa’s advice: “Don’t be intimidated! You cannot fail at Pilates! You are not too uncoordinated or inflexible. There is a place for everyone in Pilates and now is the time to start, you won’t regret it!”

Meet Elaine!

Elaine was a client for three years before becoming an instructor; The Body Lab was Elaine’s escape during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was her outlet to try something new and focus on herself while being amongst a strong group of women. She says that the most beneficial part of Pilates is how low-impact it is on your body while simultaneously “kicking your butt” and strengthening your core. She still doesn’t feel burned out by Pilates, even after years of participation as a client and instructor.

Elaine’s advice: “Don't let a group class or the reformer intimidate you! This is such a supportive community and we were all first timers on the reformer at some point! I first started with doing a private duet class with a friend. We had the best time! After that, just stick with it!”

Meet Heather!

Heather is a lover of functional movement, and her purpose and passion as an instructor is to help empower people to move well and feel strong in their bodies. She says that Pilates is a way to show up for yourself, strengthen your core and improve your posture while surrounded by a supportive community. Plus, she says it’s just so fun!

Heather’s advice: “Meet yourself where you are and just show up! The instructors at the Body Lab are skilled and can help you feel successful on the reformer.”

Meet Kathy!

Kathy has always had a passion for fitness, but a bad injury from a serious car accident brought it to an abrupt halt. Her doctor recommended Pilates to build her core strength. Immediately hooked, she saw improvement in her healing, finding benefits for both healing the body and mind. She loves sharing her story with clients and helping others in the same way Pilates helped her, which is why she decided to become an instructor.

Kathy’s advice: “Pilates truly is for EVERYbody. As an older adult, I am so grateful that Pilates helps me age gracefully. I recommend it to anyone, no matter what age! Pilates movement is medicine in the best way.”

Meet Sarah!

Sarah fell in love with Pilates immediately and began attending classes five to six times a week after just one month. She saw herself becoming stronger and more comfortable in her body and wanted to be able to spend more time doing something she loves. As a Pilates instructor, she appreciates being able to share the power of movement and inspire the community to live with more joy and ease. Pilates has helped her realize how incredible the body and unconscious mind are when we clear the time and space to explore them.

Sarah’s advice: “Start today! I know it can be intimidating to try something new on a machine you've never seen before, but the reformer, the props, the exercises-— it's all there to accentuate and improve on things that you already have in your own body. Regular practice is the most important way to make real change.”

Our instructors are here to help you along your Pilates journey. Whether you’re looking to gain strength after an injury, connect to your mind and body, or just want to workout, The Body Lab is here for you. Book your class with us today!




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