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Highlights from 2023: End of Year Recap

Wishing you joy this holiday season! As 2023 draws to a close and 2024 approaches, it seems fitting to pause and consider the year behind us. The Body Lab saw tremendous growth and progress during 2023, and even more opportunities await in the year ahead.

Let's reflect on some of the milestones from this past year:

We celebrated three years at our South Burlington location.

As The Body Lab marked its third anniversary this past June, I felt immense gratitude for the dedicated community that has developed around our studio over the years. From the instructors who passionately lead our classes to the members who regularly attend with enthusiasm and camaraderie, thank you to everyone who contributes their time, energy and support. Some have been with us since day one, cheering us on through every milestone, while others discovered Pilates along their fitness journey and quickly became part of the family. Together, we’re a group of strong individuals building a community around being active, prioritizing mindbody connection, and supporting others.

We opened our new Williston location.

Because of the enthusiastic support of our growing Body Lab family, we were thrilled to open a second location in the heart of Williston. We love the Williston community and felt instantly at home. We can’t wait to see what the future brings as we plant deeper roots in Williston and watch this location blossom.

We launched our first apprentice program.

This fall, we took on a small group of apprentices to become certified Pilates instructors. Pilates is increasing in popularity every day, and the need for great instructors has never been more important. Guiding a new group of dedicated apprentices to become skilled instructors has been deeply rewarding, and we felt privileged to mentor them through this journey of growth.

We introduced member events.

Pilates is always fun, but we introduced some exciting events in 2023 to take it to the next level. We learned about cycle sinking in March from Amanda accompanied by treats from Vermont Juice Company. In June, we had a sound bath event with Heather, who guided members through a restorative and meditative workshop. In September, we enjoyed the music of DJ Love Doctor during a high-intensity mat Pilates class, where people were singing and dancing along. These events and more were a wonderful way to connect with our fellow instructors and members. 

We awarded Yeti tumblers to members who reached 250 classes.

Our milestone club members embody perseverance, showing up class after class to better themselves no matter what obstacles arise. To honor their accomplishments and continue fueling their drive, we now celebrate the 250 class milestone with Yeti tumblers - cheers to everyone who makes The Body Lab a second home!

On a personal note, a year with such wonderful highs was also accompanied with tremendous lows. Between the unexpected passing of my father in February and the loss of my 14yr old dog in May, this year has been challenging to say the least. You guys have brought so much light and love into my life and I’m grateful for every one of you. Our community strengthens and buoys me daily.

As 2023 draws to a close, I eagerly anticipate all the growth and positive change the new year will bring for our Body Lab community. Together, we’ll celebrate each little win, encourage one another through challenges, and embark on fulfilling fitness journeys that prioritize self-care in 2024. The new year brings renewed optimism, and I can’t wait for all we’ll accomplish.



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