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How often should I be doing Pilates?

This is a great question – one with a different answer for everyone, though two to three times a week is generally a good cadence for most of our clients. At this frequency, you’re maintaining your routine frequently enough to sustain it and continually see improvement without overtraining and burning yourself out. However, your level of experience, fitness goals, and workout intensity are all contributing factors to how often you’ll benefit from hitting the studio. Every body is different, so it’s most important that you listen to yours.

Sometimes, workout culture encourages pushing yourself to the brink and wearing yourself out for the sake of hitting your fitness goals. But the reality is that’s the last way to make the progress you want! Structure and discipline are essential elements to seeing progress in your fitness journey, but it’s also important to be flexible and give your body grace when it needs it. Taking care of your body and being in tune with what it needs is the best way to make the most of your workouts.

Rather than having a set number of times a week you’re determined to squeeze in a workout at any cost, it’s better to have a goal frequency and adjust when necessary. Maybe some weeks, you hit the studio four or five times, while others might only allow for one workout or none at all. Sometimes taking it easy during a tough week is the best way to ensure you can show up to your next workout as your best self.

Here are some helpful ways to avoid burnout and keep your fitness goals on track:

Eat healthy, eat enough

To build muscle with pilates, your body needs fuel. Whatever your fitness goals are, eating enough healthy foods to sustain you is absolutely key to getting stronger and keeping your workouts the best they can be. Eat a combination of protein and carbs before workouts to fuel your session, and recover with some protein to help repair your muscles. Check out our blog on our favorite post-workout nourishment!

Drink water!

Staying hydrated is another key to making the most of every workout. When you sweat, your body is losing fluids that it desperately needs, so it’s your job to be replenishing them. Adding lemon or other fruit to your water can give a boost of

natural flavor and vitamins to make it easier to get enough down every day. You should be aiming for half your body weight in ounces daily. It sounds like a lot, but just like anything, it’s all about building the habit.

Rest is key

It can feel like if you’re not grinding as hard as you can every day, you’ll never meet your goals – but it’s actually quite the opposite. Your muscles can’t repair and get stronger if they never have time to rest and heal. If you push yourself too hard, you’re much more susceptible to injuries or exhaustion, preventing you from sticking to a consistent routine. Taking rest days is essential to making the most of your workouts – we recommend at least two days off a week.




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