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Is Reformer Pilates Intimidating? No Way!

Whether you are new to the term or a seasoned Pilates professional, think back to the first time you heard about the Reformer. Remember the first time you saw what the machine looked like in a studio, with a sliding deck, springs, pulley systems, and loops for your hands and feet. It probably looked a little different than workout equipment you had used in the past, or even envisioned using in the future!

Were you ready to jump right on, or did you think, "maybe I'll skip this class"? Many people admit that they avoid Reformer Pilates because the Reformer looks intimidating or seems too difficult to use. In reality, the Reformer is one of the safest and most effective Pilates machines out there. When paired with an instructor who is focused on helping you understand and use the Reformer to its fullest potential, you will feel stronger, more balanced, and more coordinated than ever before.

Where to start?

If you are new to the Reformer, try starting in one of our Flow classes or sign up for a private session. For your first few classes, show up a little early to set up the Reformer so that it is appropriate for your height. You can also take this time to learn about different levels of resistance, how to change them, and any other props that may be used. Your instructor will guide you in understanding how to position your body correctly and breathe through the movements to achieve maximum benefits from the class.

Concerned that you should be at a certain fitness level before stepping on the Reformer? Think again! The Reformer uses your body weight and adjustable resistance levels to lengthen and strengthen different areas of your body. Instead of throwing heavy free weights over your head or running full speed on a treadmill, the Reformer offers a stable place to get in tune with your body while targeting specific muscle groups that other workouts overlook.

Additionally, the Reformer is not the only piece of equipment used in our classes. Other props like hand weights, mini balls, bangles, rings, and resistance loops complement the Reformer to help your Pilates practice thrive by targeting other areas and enhance the overall workout.

What to expect?

Once you get more comfortable on the Reformer, you'll start focusing on working the correct muscles with each position or movement. Positions and movements can seem "easy" at first, but as you hold them longer and complete more repetitions, you'll feel the resistance build, and some weaker muscles may even start to shake.

Over time, you'll feel stronger and see benefits you may have never expected! For example, if you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or your newborn's crib, or you carry a lot of stress and tightness in your shoulders, using the Reformer will stretch and lengthen all of those areas that are tense and knotted up. You may even experience a marked decrease in day-to-day pain as you increase your core strength!

Are you ready?

Want to learn more? Drop us a line! We’re happy to answer any questions to get you started.

Ready to give it a chance? You'll find out pretty quickly that our studio is warm and welcoming, and there's really nothing to be scared of! Once you see what Reformer Pilates can do for you, you'll no longer look at it as a frightening, unfamiliar device; you'll see it as an awesome place to become a better version of yourself.

We're ready when you are. We’ll see you on the mat!




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