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Aging Better: 3 Key Benefits of Pilates

When we were young, our bodies seemed to bend, flex, jump, and stretch without issue. As a kid, I remember swinging on a swing set, waiting until I got to the highest point, and then jumping off onto the ground. The idea of doing that today seems unsettling. As we age, some of us stick to workout routines or strength training that keeps us in shape, and some of us lose ourselves in day-to-day life and forget how critical taking care of our bodies is. When the time comes to pick up those weights again or go for that run, our bodies can feel stiff, or we may even feel off-center. So what can we do for our bodies to help them age better? We're not talking about training you to jump off swings like when you were seven, but we're talking about the quality of life and overall health.

Let's take a look at the top 3 ways Pilates can help us all age better:

1. Reconnect With Your Body

The Reformer looks intimidating to some, but think of it as a comfy place to lay while you stretch and move your body into a stronger you. The movements promote long and lean muscle tone, aim to strengthen and elongate muscles, promote better physical self-awareness, and put you in sync with your body to know when it is stressed.

The connection and awareness you achieve while on the Reformer gives you a sense of accomplishment without exhausting reps and makes you appreciate that sometimes less is more. The focus is on doing things with precision and control instead of aiming for force and power.

2. Balance, Strength, and Calm

We know that Reformer Pilates helps everyone increase strength, but attaining that centered feeling of balance and coordination is critical for those in the 55 and older community. Pilates gives you body awareness and increased core strength, which ultimately provides you with the stability to move through your day safely and with confidence.

One study noted that Reformer exercises significantly improve both static and dynamic balance, as well as functional mobility. It also helps us uncurl from our daily lives at desks, in cars, or sitting in chairs by lengthening our bodies, releasing stress, and opening our chests, often helping to relieve chronic back pain. The breathing aspect of the workout also helps us feel present, calm, and in tune with the moment, creating a greater sense of mental and physical wellbeing.

3. Healthy Joints

Using the Reformer means you aren't jumping up and down on a mat, slinging weights around, or putting an unnecessary amount of force on ligaments and cartilage surrounding the joints. Instead, movements are fluid and gentle, making them perfect for anyone suffering from joint conditions by eliminating that aggressive impact on the body.

Many physical therapists also recommend Pilates for patients before major joint surgery because it helps facilitate an easier recovery by stretching ligaments and tendons, strengthening muscle, and increasing blood flow, helping to deliver nutrients to the recovery area.

So if you are ready to take the next step and give the Reformer a try, we are here to support you. Classes like Flow are precisely designed to be gentle on your body, get you in the correct position for the workout, provide the proper amount of resistance, and get you started on your physical wellness journey safely. Private and duets are also an excellent way to get started and feel comfortable with the Reformer. Head to this link for class descriptions and see what might work for you.

As always, I’m here for you on your fitness journey!




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