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Meet Our Instructors: Part 2!

The Body Lab’s instructors are passionate and talented, and they love connecting with new and returning Pilates enthusiasts. You met the first round of our instructors, so now let’s introduce you to the rest!

Meet Sydney S.!

Sydney started doing Pilates at a time where she was in need of gentle movement, after having her first daughter. It was perfect for her, giving her the physical and mental escape she needed. Her favorite part of Pilates? The fact that anyone with any experience level can do it. It’s a form of fitness that you can do no matter where you are in life or with whatever restrictions you may have.

Sydney’s advice: “Pilates newbies should start with either a Flow class or a Private session to get themselves comfortable with the Reformer and the different Pilates terminology. There is truly something for everyone at The Body Lab.”

Meet Alicia!

Alicia became a Pilates instructor after falling in love with it on her own. She believes that the most valuable part of Pilates is connecting your body and mind.

Alicia’s advice: “For anyone thinking about doing Pilates, I suggest starting slowly and tuning into how certain movements make you feel!”

Meet Monet!

After a lower back injury, Monet started doing Pilates. It was the only thing that helped her chronic pain. She fell in love with the way Pilates made her body and mind feel. She says Pilates is all about being a movement master, becoming consciously competent in the way we move through Pilates and in our daily lives.

Monet’s advice: “Start with a private session to get the fundamentals of core control, breath, and alignment. Understanding the basics will help you to progress faster and get the most out of every workout.”

Meet Sydney B.!

Sydney used Pilates to get out of her exercise rut; moving her body felt like a chore. Pilates opened her eyes to the possibility that movement and exercise is something she can look forward to and feel good about. Sydney started teaching so she could share this feeling with others and help them fall in love with exercise.

Sydney’s advice: “I’d recommend starting with a Flow class, even if you have prior experience with other forms of exercise. This class format offers the opportunity to get to know the Reformer and Pilates techniques to help you build a solid foundation in your practice. Try not to get too caught up in the newness of it all and have fun with it!

Meet Haley!

After starting her first class, Haley became obsessed with Pilates. She was eager to learn more and share her knowledge with others around her, so they can feel their best physically and mentally. She loves that Pilates trains you to stay in touch with your body while building strength and flexibility.

Haley’s advice: “Just show up! Showing up is half the work! Almost everyone who comes through the studio doors for their first class leaves with more classes booked for the future!”

Our instructors each have their own skill sets and they all want to see you go further in your Pilates journey. No matter your goals, The Body Lab is here to help you succeed. Book your first class with us today!




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