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What should you look for in a Pilates instructor?

When it comes to your Pilates practice, a great teacher can make all the difference, whether it’s your first time on a Pilates reformer or you’re looking to push low-impact workouts to the next level.

Well-trained, knowledgeable Pilates instructors can help new clients assess skill levels, get comfortable, and nail the basics. For more advanced students, a committed trainer can help you meet fitness goals and advance your practice.

Because The Body Lab does everything we can to set our instructors and clients up for success, we’re very selective about who we choose to bring on board to teach our reformer Pilates classes. Many people don’t realize the number of tireless hours that go into becoming a Pilates instructor, and at The Body Lab, we don’t accept shortcuts when it comes to training and learning. We pride ourselves on being local-owned and boutique with an emphasis on training, passion, and customization.

Instructor Training at The Body Lab

At The Body Lab, we’re proud to host an incredibly dedicated team that has gone through extensive training to bring the highest level of performance and skill to their classes daily. Our instructors are encouraged to train for a minimum of 500 hours, and are all working toward their own comprehensive certification. We value continuing education in our studio to keep our instructors bringing the highest quality of service and level of skill to each session.

Passion for Pilates

We know that workouts are a deeply personal practice, and everyone shows up with different needs, wants, and experiences. That’s why our instructors at The Body Lab bring passion with them every time they walk into the studio.

When looking for the right Pilates studio for you, try to find owners who are passionate about what they do and committed to improving the lives of their clients, not just those looking for a one-size-fits-all business opportunity. More often than not, we find students enjoy the experience at a boutique studio like The Body Lab more than at a franchise; smaller establishments are better equipped to cater to diverse needs and are personally invested in the success of their students.

Customizing Pilates Reformer Classes

In some franchised studios, instructors are limited in what they can teach in order to keep consistency across multiple locations. Workouts may be pre-planned and follow a strict program, despite the variability of needs in every class. At The Body Lab, our highly-qualified instructors offer versatility and personalization in each class, customizing workouts based on the needs and wants of clients in each session. Because we really know our people, we plan each class individually and tailor workouts to who’s in the studio that day, making adjustments ahead of time for anyone who may need modifications.

No matter where you practice, ensuring your instructor is well-trained, committed, and versatile is key to a positive Pilates experience. If you want to see what we’re talking about, book a session with us today and start getting to know our incredible team of instructors and trainers.




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