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What to Wear to Pilates

There are few things we love more than seeing new faces in the studio – and we’ve been seeing a lot of them lately! This means we’ve also been frequently fielding the question: “What should I be wearing to my Pilates classes?”

If you’re new to Pilates: welcome! We’re so glad to have you join us on your path to a stronger you. When people ask what to wear, sometimes it’s because they’re intimidated by the studio and its big, unfamiliar equipment (hello, Reformer) – but there’s nothing to fear! When it comes to what clothes you should wear during your practice, Pilates is much like any other workout: the keys are movability and comfortability.

Layer Up

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, your outfit doesn’t have to be tight or form-fitting – as long as you can move freely, you’re good to go! Leggings, bike shorts, or stretchy joggers are great options for the bottom, and up top, we recommend layering; a tank or tee with a sweatshirt on top is perfect for shedding layers as you warm up during class. Snag your very own Body Lab sweatshirt next time you’re at the studio so you can rep your favorite Pilates studio in and out of class! When in doubt, just throw on an outfit you’d wear to the gym or any other workout class.

Cover Up (Your Feet)

When it comes to foot coverings, shoes are not required and aren’t customary (but you can try wearing them if you want or need to). However, grip socks are mandatory at The Body Lab for the sake of safety and hygiene. There are lots of different varieties of grip socks; there are tons to choose from online, and we also sell them in-studio in case you forget your pair. One of our favorite brands, Pointe Studio, offers both ankle-length grip socks for full coverage and ballet-shoe-style grip socks if you want to ensure maximum breathability/minimal heat retention. We also love these sets from Bombas because they come in different heights, fun colors, and for every pair bought, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter.

Stock Up

If you’re on the hunt for new athleisure to gear up before class, Free People and Lululemon on Church Street are popular local spots. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, keep walking down Church Street to Outdoor Gear Exchange and head to their basement for a wide selection of consignment athletic wear. And if you’re an online shopper, Alo Yoga and Bandier are other athletic wear brands our clients love.

There’s an overwhelming number of athletic and athleisure items on the market today – and all are great options. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on your next workout.




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