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Toning for the Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

During the months of wedding planning ahead, so much time and energy will go into what you choose to wear for your big day – from the dress to the shoes to the veil, every little detail will be carefully considered. But what about how you feel on your wedding day?

Implementing a fitness routine that amps up your confidence, reduces your stress levels, and strengthens your core is one of the best investments you can make in your wedding planning budget. Yes, we’re talking about Pilates – from head to toe, Pilates is the perfect partner for your pre-wedding workout ritual.

Calm your mind

Pilates is perfect for any bride because of its focus on mind, body, and spirit. During your Pilates practice, you can wipe vendors and venues from your mind, re-center yourself, and clear away any anxiety as you focus on your breath, your body, and yourself. Regularly engaging in a mindful practice can help you manage stress before, during, and after the big event.

Hyperfocus on where you want to tone

No matter what you want to show off during our wedding celebrations, Pilates can help you focus on the muscle groups you want to lengthen and strengthen. If you want leaner, stronger arms in your strapless dress or toned abs for your honeymoon, Reformer Pilates classes at The Body Lab can help you get there. By increasing the resistance on isolated muscle groups, you will see impressively calibrated results. Pilates’ core-strengthening capabilities can even give you picture-perfect posture for bridal portraits and a steady breath pattern on your wedding day despite any pre-aisle jitters.

When you put in the work, you’ll see results

Whether you’re getting married in two weeks or two years, the more consistent you are in your Pilates practice, the more quickly you will see results. Without overstressing your body with crash dieting or twice-daily cardio, Pilates’ emphasis on muscle grouping and core strength will reveal long-lasting changes in tone and form you’ll be proud of in no time.

You can practice anytime, anywhere

There are lots of Mat Pilates routines you can do anywhere without a reformer. If you want to squeeze in a quick workout on your bachelorette weekend, the morning of the wedding, or even on your honeymoon, just pack a couple of your favorite small props and enjoy a flexible workout wherever you are. Our favorite no-reformer-required exercises are The Hundred, Single Leg Circles, Abdominal Series of 5, and Pushups – you can easily find instructions for these moves by searching for Pilates videos on YouTube.

We love the muscle tone our workouts give us, but investing in a meaningful, intentional Pilates practice makes you feel good inside and out, and that’s the best part of all. Every bride is beautiful on her special day, but every bride deserves to feel strong, calm, and confident, too. Join us for a class and start your self-care journey today!




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