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Reflections of (Almost) One Year

I was hesitant to write this now, but it seems fitting as we recently passed our 1 year PLANNED opening date. If you weren't aware, The Body Lab was slated to open in March 2020, however, the pandemic had other plans. Like everyone, we had to pivot and adapt. We navigated our new normal through at home workouts via Zoom and Instagram where we were lucky enough to connect with so many of you.

Months went by with our doors closed until we officially opened in June. Being a small boutique studio worked out in our favor; we were able to safely provide in person classes, resulting in the studio exceeding our goals and thriving during a time when we anticipated the worst.

THANK YOU to our amazing community for your support and loyalty. I am in awe of the friendships that have developed, and the connections made. We have weathered this storm together and can confidently say we are nearing the end. I feel incredibly lucky to still be here, standing taller and stronger. I cannot wait to see what Year 2 has in store. We will continue to grow into a wellness destination where people can connect over a mutual love of fitness, and a place where kindness, inclusivity and the belief that Pilates is for everyBODY guide us each day.

We are making plans to expand with more teachers, classes, and events; here’s what we’re working on for Year 2 at The Body Lab!


Increased Class Size & Weekends

Starting May 1, we will be increasing class sizes to 10. We have been waiting A LONG time for this. We are also adding in more weekends! Reserve your spot on MINDBODY.

Outdoor Classes

We recognize that in summer months, most of us want to spend more time under the sun and in the fresh air, so we’re exploring outdoor spaces to hold Mat Pilates classes. You will be able to find us at the Burlington Surf Club beginning in June as well as other pop-up sites throughout town. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Events

Nurse Appreciation Day: We are grateful for the nurses in our community! National Nurses Day is held annually on May 6, the beginning of National Nurses Week. The day recognizes the contribution nurses make to our world and give us an opportunity to express our thanks. If you are a nurse, we are offering a complimentary class at 6am. Please pass the message along to any nurses in your life! To reserve your spot, email us here!

Mother’s Day: Calling all moms, stepmoms, grand-moms, foster moms, animal moms, surrogate moms, mother figures, moms-to-be…. all the moms! Special surprises are being planned for Mother’s Day weekend, so be sure to sign up for class May 8 and May 9.

Our Official First Birthday! June 8th!: We’re rolling out a postponed grand opening/first-year celebration! More details to come in the next few months!

Instructor Trainings

Through Balanced Body & Boston Body Pilates, we have become a host site for instructor trainings via Zoom, making them much more accessible. As the demand for instructors continues to rise, this is an awesome opportunity to save time, travel, and money. This 600-hour training course is a commitment, and we’re excited to celebrate the soon-to-be instructors!

The last year filled us with gratitude, made us stronger, and showed us all just how resilient we are. Thank you for making it possible for us to keep doing what we love and believe in.


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