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Your Post-Workout Skincare Routine

At The Body Lab, we believe in full-body wellness.

Of course, what we put in our bodies and what we do with our bodies (whether a long walk or a session on one of our reformers) are essential elements to overall wellness. But what about what we put on our bodies?

You may remember from high school biology class that skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s also the most visible one.

Just like we take care of our insides with a balanced diet and regular exercise, our skin deserves the same attention. Aside from the no-makeup glow a good skin care regimen provides, it can also help you avoid acne, premature aging, and even skin cancer in the long run. Our relationship with our skin is lifelong, so it’s wise to invest in it.

Vermont is home to a host of skincare enthusiasts (hello, Tata Harper and Ursa Major), and The Body Lab is only a short distance from a couple of our favorite local spas.

Photo Credit: GlowAesthetics Facebook Page - be sure to check them out!

Glow Aesthetics Medical Spa, just upstairs from our studio in South Burlington, offers a fusion of beauty and science with treatments ranging from facials and dermaplaning to cosmedical procedures. Their website also offers a ton of high-quality skincare products, perfect for taking home after a treatment. SkinCeuticals is the #1 US medical aesthetic skincare brand and is well-stocked in Glow’s online store – we love using their Gentle Cleanser to lift out impurities, sweat, and oil after a long pilates session.

Cheeks Concierge Aesthetics in Williston recognizes the importance of highly customized skincare regimens; their providers treat every client as an individual. From facial cupping to LED light therapy, Cheeks has personalized treatments for every patient and every appointment. Through their shop, you can find another one of our favorite skincare brands: Biologique Recherche. This highly coveted French brand, the source of skincare cult-classic Lotion P-50, is sometimes hard to get ahold of in the US, but with a thorough product guide on their website and a direct link to purchase, Cheeks makes it easy to invest in high-quality skincare. Our Biologique Recherche must-have is L’Eauxygénante, a multi-active “anti-pollution” mist perfect for a quick post-workout refresh (especially if you don’t have time to go home and shower right away).

We also love a rich hydrating moisturizer (like this one from SkinMedica), and in the morning, a thick layer of sunscreen reapplied throughout the day. With our shorter Vermont summer season finally heating up, you may be tempted to catch some rays and subject your skin to major sun damage for the sake of a tan. For great skin that lasts a lifetime, do your future self a favor: buy some bronzer and invest in a good SPF. The short-term reward of a sunkissed look isn’t worth the long-term risks of sun damage, including premature aging, sun spots, and skin cancer. And if you’ve always envied J.Lo’s signature all-over glow, look no further than CVS – her makeup artist uses Neutrogena sunscreen.

Whether you’re a skincare amateur or aficionado, the most important thing is finding a daily self-care routine that nourishes you, both inside and out. The true key to lit-from-within radiance (the kind cosmetic companies are always trying to sell) is embracing full-body wellbeing – because when you feel good, you look good.




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