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The Music of Pilates

Music is so important for our Pilates classes at The Body Lab. When your body moves to the perfect song, your self-confidence gets a boost, you create a positive association with exercise, and, with the beat to guide you, your coordination may even improve.

Curating a playlist for a class at The Body Lab is much more than picking a few of the top hits on Spotify. The songs that play for a 45-minute class set the tone and make every experience in our studio unique. We consider the class type, time of day, and even who’s signed up, selecting songs to motivate and push you a little harder during even the most agonizing single-leg series.

Research shows that the right music can serve as both a distractor and a motivator during workouts. When you're listening to the right music, it can distract you from your fatigue and pain, and help you combat negative self-talk. When great music fills your head with upbeat lyrics , thoughts like, "this hurts," "I'm tired," or, "this is too hard," simply float away. Now you can push yourself further, faster, and longer than you thought possible.

Most of our Pilates classes include the same types of exercises, but the pace and the music may change as you level up. Let's look at what the music might sound like in a few of the classes we offer:

  • Athletic: Our signature reformer class is all about beat-driven music that makes counting easy for the instructor and helps our clients stay on pace. A fast-paced workout focused on total body burn, it’s ideal for Pilates-lovers who enjoy working hard and getting their heart rates up. This fast-paced full-body workout will leave you feeling stronger, stretched, lengthened, and toned.

  • Flow: Playlists in our Flow classes may include slower and more meditative music. A zen experience that can still make you sweat, intensity shifts with the music and beat changes, but stays slow enough to allow new students to familiarize themselves with equipment and terminology. An open-level class for everyone, we focus on developing proficiency in the mechanics of Pilates and learning to move efficiently and safely.

  • Chair/Tower: In these equipment-focused classes, song selections are either beat-driven or relaxed depending on the instructor and what they are looking to accomplish. The choreography between the music and motions, combined with new exercises only available on this unique Pilates equipment, will always take your practice to the next level.

When it comes to finding the perfect playlist for each class, we pay close attention to what's trending on Spotify, iTunes, and even Instagram to find the beats that help you tap into your strongest self and walk away from each class feeling better than when you came in.

What's your favorite music? We’d love to know so we can include it in future playlists!


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