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How to Keep a Fitness Routine While Traveling

February break is right around the corner and spring break will be here before we know it! With hotels, flights, long car trips, and endless details to iron out, planning a vacation can be stressful – you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to stay on top of your fitness goals, too. Looking for some easy ways to maintain progress AND get the most out of your trip? We’ve got you covered!

Explore your destination

Personally, I prefer to stay OUT of the gym when traveling. When I’m somewhere new, I want to spend my time seeing sights, soaking up the sun and truly experiencing the place I’ve traveled so far to visit. If you’re somewhere tropical, walks along the beach are equally scenic and challenging (the sand’s resistance makes you work a little extra for every step). If you’re near a city, spend the day immersing yourself in the local culture: explore markets, museums, or town squares by foot to really feel like a local. You will have reached your daily steps before you know it.

Use what you have

If you want to squeeze in some Pilates while you’re out-of-office, your hotel room is as good a place as any (except for The Body Lab, obvi). Check out our guide to our favorite on-the-go workouts – a towel and your favorite playlist to amp you up is all you need. If you want a little extra challenge, try using full water bottles as hand weights. And if you have any spare room in your carry-on (because let’s be honest…our luggage can’t handle ANY additional weight), one of our favorite workout props, Bala Bangles, are easy to pack and make a great addition to every workout. You can even strap them to your ankles or wrists during your walks to add an extra burn!

Try new things

At The Body Lab, we’re all about meeting your fitness goals. We’re also all about living life to the fullest. So while we always encourage making healthy choices when it comes to food, that doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to a strict meal plan when you have the opportunity to try something new. Do some research before your trip to find restaurants with tasty, unique menus and authentic local cuisines. Getting to enjoy new experiences is one of the best parts of traveling, and all foods fit into a balanced diet.

No matter where you’re headed, make sure you prioritize making the most of your time in a new, exciting place – Pilates will always be waiting for you once you get back home. And if you’re already eager to get back in the saddle again post-trip, book a welcome-home studio session today. There’s no better cure for jet lag than just sweating it out!




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