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Finding Balance in Your Summer Fitness Routine

Nothing makes you appreciate spring more than living up here in Vermont, and with the warm weather FINALLY showing its face, I can’t get enough of this sunshine! After a VERY long winter, it’s been so nice to open up the doors of the studio, leave the jackets at home, and get outside with my family.

As the seasons shift, we know our routines can change too. So how are you planning to continue prioritizing yourself this summer with a balance of both outdoor activity AND a consistent Pilates routine? Here are a few ideas to help you maintain your momentum and strength while also leaving room for some extra Vitamin D this summer:

1. Switch up your class times.

Do you want your outdoor activities to replace in-studio classes or be an added bonus? The best way to keep up your fitness momentum is to continue making time for workouts at the studio, but maybe it makes sense to change your schedule during the warmer months. Try an earlier class on weekdays to make room for unpredictable summer fun. On your off days, add in outdoor workouts such as biking, running, rowing, swimming and hiking.

2. “Commute” to your home office.

Many of us are still working remotely, so this summer, try adding your commute time back into your day. Did it used to take you 30 minutes to drive to the office in the mornings? Use that time to go for a run, walk, or cycle before settling down in front of the computer, and try to do the same at the end of the day to wind down. Not only will your body appreciate it, but your mind will too.

3. Join us for outdoor Pilates at the Surf Club!

Beginning June 7th, The Body Lab will be offering Mat Pilates classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings on the water at Burlington Surf Club! We are excited to offer this change of scenery and opportunity to be outside, breathe in that fresh waterfront air, AND get an awesome all-body workout! Now is the time to level up and use your body strength on the Mat! (And if you want to stick with the Reformer, we’ll still be offering our normal schedule at the studio.)

Whether at the studio or the Surf Club, I can’t wait to spend the summer with you. And remember, do what makes you happy!




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