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Back to School Wellness

It’s back-to-school season! Whether you have little ones or not, the crisp feeling of fall and cozy season ahead allows us to finally refocus on our own mental wellness and make ourselves a priority after a very busy summer.

How can pilates help with balancing your mental load?

Are you the point person at home who navigates activities, transportation, schedules, and pandemic precautions, all while being sure to stay on top of your own professional and personal demands? Well here’s your gentle reminder that you need to fill your own cup before you can pour for others. Children watch what we do, and they develop habits based on what they see us do. Being able to step away from our roles at work and home allows space for mental rejuvenation and a chance to feel strong and accomplished while setting the best possible example for our families.

If there is ever a time of year to make wellness a priority, it's now. Not the new year, not bathing suit season, but right now. The weather is dialed in for walks and activities outside, but we know it won’t last long; soon the temps will drop, the snow will fall, and finding the motivation to get out to exercise might seem a lot harder. So before the season changes, before the possibility of remote learning creeps in, and before you make a list of all the things you need to do for everyone else, let's start with YOU and the healthy habits you’re creating for yourself during this season of transitions.

First, let's explore the range of benefits that come from pilates:

  • Mental wellness: Pilates is a focused and mindful practice that establishes a strong bond between body and mind. The breathing aspect of pilates enables participants to reduce the feeling of anxiety while improving memory and focus. It also battles symptoms of depression by restoring emotional balance and establishing a more grounded connection between you and the practice, bringing a sense of accomplishment, calm, and clarity, building both physical and internal stability that sets you up for success in the rest of your life.

  • Social wellness: Humans want to feel connected and be a part of something bigger than themselves. The connections we make in class can flourish into supportive bonds that help you stay on track, remain connected, and find motivation. One of the most effective stress reducers is social connection, and we are lucky to have so many friendly, local faces in our studio every single day!

  • Physical wellness: This one is a given. When you engage in a reformer pilates class, you develop strength, balance, flexibility, and tone. It is one of the few workouts that fully engages every part of the body, making the benefits of the workout visible while also relaxing the mind and body, promoting a more restful night's sleep.

We know it's not easy to step away and take time for ourselves, especially when others may need our attention now more than ever. Just in case you are one of those people who struggles to put yourself first, here’s your reminder about how a

self-care routine benefits those around us as well:

  • Teaching self-care and self-respect: Children do not always listen to what we say, but they watch what we do. We are their teachers, and if we want them to care for themselves, we have to show them how. We also are less likely to feel resentment and be short-tempered with those around us if we have made it a point to step away and take time for ourselves regularly.

  • Bonding over fun, physical activities: Reformer Pilates conditions your body to be toned and offers a greater sense of body awareness, strength, balance, and energy. All this combined will give you the confidence to keep up with your family through hiking, biking, and running circles around each other through any season.

  • Building resilience: When we lose focus on our goals and routines, we can get lost in the stress cycle and find it hard to get back on track. Kids love routine (whether they say so or not), and by sticking to a schedule or ritual that challenges you, keeps you steady, and makes you feel grounded, you create a routine for those around you as well. This shows them that there is always a reason to keep moving, keep trying, and keep growing.

Before the holidays start rolling in, before New Year's resolutions become a fad, and before you find yourself feeling like you put yourself last again, commit to a weekly class schedule and make it all about YOU for once. Time flies and carving out

that quality time to take care of yourself is a must. Our classes are approachable, challenge you to get in touch with your best self, and they're only 45 minutes long.

On the days you think you can't spare the time, think about how you'll feel after: stronger, more focused, energized, connected, and clear. You’d probably trade 45 minutes of scrolling to feel that any day, right? So check out our class options and reach out today to see how we can help you on your journey to make balance, self-love, and connection, all priorities that will work for YOU when it matters most.

As always, I’m here for you on your fitness journey!




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